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Rapti Technical School, dang

About Rapti Technical School
Rapti Technical School is a renowned Constituent school of CTEVT located in Rapti Rural Municipality , Dang. Around 5 km east from Bhalubang this school is situated in the heart of Province no. 5.Eventhough this school is located at a distant from urban cities it has direct access with various cities via East-West Highway with peaceful, pleasing and eco friendly environment with maximum potential.
Rapti Technical School (R.T.S) was established in 2050 B.S which is committed to produce competent mid-level workforce in agriculture, health and construction sector. It also involves in production of basic level of workforce in hospitality, tailoring and beautician sector. During these 25 years it has gained various experience with outstanding results and produced competent workforce acquiring its visional goal. Being this qualified this school has stepped into its golden phase with new vision and new goal to meet the upcoming demand of sustainability by increasing the production of qualified workforce in new technical field like agro-engineering, architecture engineering, pharmacy etc as per the demand of global market.
As we know that when a fruit gets ripened to its fullest with beautiful color and attribute it looks pleasing to our eyes but we won’t know it’s true sweetness and flavor unless we have it likewise this well-known, promising and experienced school is incomplete without its energetic, enthusiastic and hungry for knowledge students so last but not least R.T.S family would like to invite all the interested students, instructors and stakeholders to support this emerging school to be the model school in whole of nation.
Programs Running in R.T.S :

  • Diploma in Animal Science
  • Diploma in Plant Science
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering
  • PCL in Ophthalmic Science
  • TSLC in CMA
  • TSLC in Medical Lab
  • TSLC in Construction
  • TSLC in Surveying
  • PJTA

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