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Agro-Forestry Polytechnic Institute


Agro-Forestry Polytechnic Institute, the public TEVT institute in Arghakhanchi, is one of the constituent institutions of CTEVT. It is situated in Chhatradev Rural Municipality ward no-4 Mathura, 17 kms away north-east from Sandhikharka, the district headquarter of Arghakhanchi. It was established in 2017(2074 mangsir 1)AD to provide opportunities to the people of all over the country to train in technical education and vocational trainings related to Agriculture,  livestock ,agro-Forestry and based on need of community as well. The activities of the institution will be make positive change in service and production using the modern technologies resulting the improvement in economic condition of individual & living standard as well as to contribute in all over development. In order to ensure easy accessibility for people from remote areas, the institutes have allocated some quotas for the janajati, mahila, district, local community and disadvantages group all over country. The school has been offering Diploma in Agriculture (Plant Science) program and diploma in (Animal science) program. The institute will distinguish itself as diverse, society responsible, learning sustained by moral ethics and values. As being a nonprofit public organization, AFPI will provide high and appropriate quality trainings and globally employable technical education and vocational training to reduce unemployed youth of Nepal and following are the objectives of AFPI.

  • Satisfy training needs of local community, GOs, NGOs and INGOs.
  • Produce various kinds of basic and middle level skilled human resources.
  • Encourage poor, DAG, women and underprivileged of development of the nation.
  • Strengthen technical knowledge and inspire excellence
  • Develop intellectual curiosity, logical judgment, and critical thinking skills
  • Create an environment which supports concern for the welfare of all students and their right to learn
  • Develop each student’s maximum potential
  • Provide students with skills that can be applied to current and future technologies and enable them to adapt to change
  • Create and support professional and staff development
  • Increase income generating activities for sustainability.
  • Promote entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities.

Contact no: 079-620099.9857066871


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